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Preparing for your first appointment

"Success is where preparation and opportunity meet." Bobby Unser

Before your appointment

Once your appointment has been booked, we will send you a short "Pre-Appointment Questionnaire" that will ask you about your:


  • Reasons for seeking advice

  • Finances (assets, liabilities, investments and cash flow)

  • Insurances that you may have in place

  • Children and dependants (if applicable)

  • Estate planning (Wills)


It also includes a checklist of documents for you to gather.



Getting this information to us prior to your appointment will give us time to review your information, and have a more targeted conversation during our appointment.



Your first appointment is the first step in building a trusting relationship, and is obligation free.



We suggest you allow 60 - 90 minutes for your first appointment.



To learn more about our life & financial planning process, click the button.


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