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Part of the Chalmers Private Wealth Family

"I love the close relationships I have with my clients. I've been there for weddings, children, divorces. . . I even  knew a client was going to propose to his wife before anyone else did."                           Michael Chalmers.

Part of our family, part of your family

We view our clients as part of our family. Those relationships are fostered over time, nurtured and respected,  and underpinned with integrity and honesty.


We not only help you with your financial planning needs, but we also like to help your family - the people important to you.


Often, your family is the biggest cause of financial stress over your lifetime. Why? Because when things get tough, who else do people turn to? Sometimes it is a matter of providing that assistance to a child in need, or an elderly parent needing to enter Aged Care.


Your family's financial planning is just as important as yours. If they are at risk . . . you are at risk.




Our focus is to point you in the right direction to realise your wealth potential and safeguard you on that journey.


Whether you are buying your first home, starting a family, saving for your children’s education, we are there to provide smart financial strategies, every step of the way.














Owning a business is often the biggest financial investment you will make. It can provide the highest returns, but also carries the most risk.


Our knowledge will ensure you have the right ownership structures; provide business cash flow analysis and coaching as well as succession planning.






Wealth Accumulators

You’ve grown your lifestyle assets, raised kids, and now you have time to invest more for your future and enjoy the dividends along the way.


With a focus on debt management, minimising tax and building investments we work with you to improve your prospects of financial freedom.













You have done the hard yards and built your wealth to a point where you can retire.


At this stage of your life, there is nothing more important than cash flow.


We optimise your cash flow strategies with superannuation income streams, investments and potential Centrelink benefits to last your retirement journey.










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