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Our Commitment

We are here to travel the path with you, celebrating your achievements, and helping you through the challenges. . . 

Our Service Programmes

We have a range of service programmes designed to meet your financial planning needs now and in the future. 


Our programmes range from basic "as-needed" maintenance type programmes, through to more comprehensive priority services for more complex and high-level partnerships. Our programme options are flexible in that you can change your level of service to adapt to your changing requirements and needs.


Where services outside your Service Programmes are requested, we will provide you with a clear quotation of the additional costs prior to proceeding. 

For clients wanting priority access to their CPW Team with medium to high level strategies and structures.

For clients wanting  access to their CPW Team with low to medium complexity strategies as well as an annual strategic review and coaching meeting.

For clients who want access to help when they need it, with the comfort of knowing we have their details on file, ready to assist.

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