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Michael Chalmers CFP® | Oliver Ladd CFP® | Demelza Lister AFP®

Chalmers Private Wealth Pty Ltd ACN 145 241 210 ATF CPW Unit Trust ABN 36 606 871 308

Authorised Representative of GWM Adviser Services Limited, ACN 002 071 749

An Australian Financial Services Licensee Registered office at 105 - 153 Miller Street North Sydney NSW 2060

Most of our beautiful photos are of the Goulburn Valley region,  taken by locals. 


We all share a desire to work in partnership with you in planning, implementing and protecting your lifestyle and financial goals. These are the key drivers of our passion and commitment to you.

"For me, it is all about those life-changing conversations with people, and seeing them prosper as a result."


Michael Chalmers CFP®


B.Bus (FinPlan), DipFP

Principal Financial Planner 

Authorised Representative


Oliver Ladd CFP®



Principal Financial Planner 

Authorised Representative

"It's great to connect with real people, and help them make smart decisions when it comes to their money so they can live well."


Demelza Lister AFP®



Principal Financial Planner 

Authorised Representative

"Financial planning found me when I realised I could make a real difference in people's lives, guiding them to financial freedom."


Dianne Bainbridge 


Client Service Manager

(Former Financial Planner)

"Knowing that I will still be working with clients and seeing their plans come to fruition will be very rewarding."


Kelly Tucker

Dip. Acc

Client Services Manager

"I love our clients, so I enjoy making their lives easier, reducing the burden and stress of paperwork that I  know they appreciate ."


Kate O'Dwyer 

B.Bus, DipFin

Client Services Manager

"I love being able to work with a fantastic team to help our clients plan for success and a comfortable future."


Hannah Arnold CFP®

B.Bus (Acc) DipFP

Associate Planner

"I really enjoy working for and developing relationships with clients, as well as the strategic thinking involved with financial planning."


Jacky Chalmers

B.Bus (EcFin) DipFP

Operations Manager

"I still get a kick out of projecting a client's financial strategy and seeing the difference that our advice can make so clients can live better."


Charmaine Buot

B.Bus (Admin)

Client Services Administrator

"It has always been my desire to work in an organisation that guides people with their financial goals, and leads them all the way to achieve their ultimate version of success."


Yani Gutana

B.Bus (Admin)

Client Services Administrator

"It is a privilege to work with a team that finds ways for people to live their lives based on their goals and with the resources that they have."