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A healthy financial life can help you have a happy personal life, by providing you with options and removing financial stress.

People Philosophy

Chalmers Private Wealth aims to work with you, educate you and help you better understand the financial  planning world. By helping you understand the pros & cons of various financial planning decisions we aim to help you come to the decision that is most beneficial to you in whatever your circumstances. Importantly we aim to help you own your decisions and be confident & comfortable in making them.

Language Philosophy

By always trying to explain things in simple English, we aim to make your decision making process easier. One of the regular comments about Michael as an adviser is that he explains things much clearer than other financial planners.

Wealth Creation Philosophy

Our aim with all of our clients is to help you get to the point where your income exceeds your expenses & that income does not require your personal exertion.  No two plans are the same however, often the goal is similar.

Wealth Protection Philosophy

You have a limited time window in order to build your wealth to your desired level. Often in life unexpected problems can arise. By protecting against many of these problems we are able to make the most of your window of opportunity & reduce the financial burden of the unexpected.

Wealth Preservation Philosophy

There are high & low risk investments right across the spectrum of asset classes. Some risks are too great for the likely return. By focussing on quality assets across the spectrum you have a better chance of avoiding the investment rubbish that is always present. At Chalmers Private Wealth we have the luxury of being able to leverage off some of the most robust investment research available. Whilst nothing is 100% fool-proof our clients have been fortunate enough that the real disasters of the GFC were minimised. This provides you with a better chance to preserve your wealth.

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